Lifestyles success stories: “Within 6 months I had lost 3 stone!”

Cath ‘AquaAcademy’ Templeton

“Being a swimming teacher I have always swam for fitness and fun. However, about 12 months ago I got a bit fed up just swimming up and down pools on my own. Decided I needed a change. I tried the Aqua Fit class on a Wed in Alsop and absolutely loved it. Told a friend and she started too.

The class is fantastic, great music, amazing instructor who really motivates and encourages everyone. Routines are different every week, keeping it interesting and challenging. The class is a friendly environment, even if you are on you own you feel welcome and part of it. I have also started weekly aqua running classes.

I am now back to really enjoying my exercise. I look forward to both classes each week. I feel by doing the classes rather than just swimming, I am exercising but also socialising. I love it and am constantly spreading the word on how good classes are and trying to encourage people to join.”

Siobhan Talon

“I started Zumba in Garston after I saw the way my cousin had lost weight, so initially went with her.  At first I felt very clumsy and self conscious but the class is made up of people of all shapes, sizes and ages, and everyone is very friendly, so I soon settled in, and went to classes 2 or 3 times a week. I lost weight really quickly and began to eat a bit more healthily, but have never dieted drastically, and within 6 months I had lost 3 stone!

For the first time in years I enjoyed clothes shopping and had more energy during my night shifts as a midwife- I felt great!

My husband’s illness and death prevented me from going to classes for almost a year and the weight has crept back on!! I’m now trying to get back to classes, my confidence has taken a knock but when I do go I love it! I always, every time, feel better after Zumba, it makes me feel like I’ve done something healthy, positive and fun and I intend to start going regularly again.”


“I been on a diet for 3 years with weight watchers and have lost just over 4 stone.  It has not been easy at all to do this but I have seen a change in my lifestyle also my confidence has improved.  At the same time I began do some exercising at Garston lifestyles, I began small by doing 2 hours a week, where now I’m doing 7 hours and that down to the fantastic instructors who take the classes Mandy is just fantastic she encourages me all the way she makes me work hard and she is there to give advice to me on what to do next. The instructors have seen the change in me as a person and also my body shape. My confidence in the classes grows every week, I love going to all my classes’ zumba, zumba step and step aerobics. I have also done bowka, zumba sentao and aqua fit. I also do running which I would never been able to do.  I do believe that exercising helps if I feel stressed I go to class and come out feeling much better. This is now my way of life there are times that I think back to how far that I have come from and think well done you have achieve a lot.”