Anna, 31, Mossley Hill

I would encourage any woman to just give exercise a go, but find a way of keeping active that you enjoy so it’s easier to keep it up. If you don’t want to exercise alone, find like-minded friends to keep you motivated. That makes it more fun too.

When I got pregnant with my second child I told myself I wouldn’t make the same mistakes as I did the first time around. I had only just managed to lose the baby weight from my first pregnancy – 3 stone. So this time I set out to have a healthier diet and do more exercise.

I was already cycling to and from work, so I carried on with this as I knew that if you exercised regularly before pregnancy, you could continue throughout it with no adverse effects. With care, you can introduce exercise, providing you check with your doctor or midwife.

I continued to go to fitness classes for pregnant women and new mums, as much for the friendship and support of other mums as for the health benefits. I also joined a fitness community on Facebook, and discovered online videos to keep me active too.

Personally, I felt good doing it! My weight gain was more manageable and I’ve been able to bounce back quicker after giving birth to a little girl in April. And I want to stay this way – I’ve got a half-marathon in sight next year and I’m considering a triathlon. With two children I need more energy than ever!